Real Estate Exterior Photography

How to Stage Your Home’s Exterior for a Real Estate Photography?

“First impression is the last impression.”, well-known proverb works at its best when we talk about a real estate property. The exterior of a property is the first thing getting noticed by the buyers and that’s the reason it has to be staged well. A good exterior ensures to attract more interested prospects to look at other parts of the property, i.e., interior. This is the reason any real estate property photo shoot is incomplete without the snaps of the exterior of the property. If you are planning for a real estate photo-shoot for your real estate property, make sure to stage your exterior well to get the perfect pictures which get the hold on the prospective clients. This article shares top 3 tips to stage property exterior for a professional real estate photography session:

1. Remove visual distractions
This is a common mistake to let unnecessary things stay in the garden or roadway of the property. There can be a small thing such as stones or a paper or just a lamp which is not working. These subtle things actually create visual distractions and give subconscious hints to the property viewer about the fact that the property is cluttered or messy. Make sure to arrange each small or big thing and only keep furniture which is necessary to make the property looking good such as a garden swing.

2. Wash surfaces with pressure wash
The exterior of the property accumulates grime and dust easily, even if you clean it daily. This dust will make your property look dusky and dull. A simple cleaning approach wouldn’t clear the small particles of dusk. You can either use vacuum cleaning or water pressure wash to remove all small particles of dust to get a new glow of your real estate property.

3. Beautify and Highlight the best part of the property
Each real estate property has something attractive in its exterior such as a beautiful garden, or a swimming pool or a lovely twilight view. As a realtor, make sure to bring this in attention of your photographer and get the best snaps of this property highlight. This will help in attracting more potential buyers who are looking for that kind of features in their would be house or commercial property.

These are the top 3 tips to ensure you stage your exterior in the best mode so the real estate photographer can get the best shots of your property. We, Busy Bee, are one of the best real estate photography agencies and we offer the best real estate property pictures within 24 hours. Let’s discuss how we can help you in featuring your property in its best view. Contact us now for more details.