Aerial Photography

What are the benefits of using Aerial Photography in the Real Estate market?

Many homebuyers are looking for real estate property away from their current location. In turn, this means that more information is required to enable the buyer to really get an appreciation of the new areas they may be looking at. This is where aerial photography comes in, in a big way!

As a great compliment to ground level photography, having a professional drone pilot shoot your listing adds a great depth. Showing the local area and what surrounds the property will enhance your property listing. The aerial photography service is vital if your property is near the ocean or it has any special features that can’t be captured at ground level.

For effective aerial photography, you will need an expert aerial photographer such as Busy Bee. We only use FAA certified drone pilots and make sure that everything is taken care of to ensure the safety of yourself and your property.

Imagine the potential a drone has to take still photos and video to really bring out the best features and showcase the local environment and boundary lines normally out of the reach of ground level photography.

For Real Estate agents, the aerial Photography is the new ‘Must Have’ add on to their normal professional photography package for various reasons:

1. High level images:

It shows a very large area and really gives potential buyers a feel for the surrounds and what’s easily accessible.

BusyBee - Real Estate Photography2. Medium level images

It captures the great angles of the home. Also, it highlights the best features of the property to give a more detailed view.

Medium level -aerial-photos3. Low level images

It gives a unique and slightly raised angle of the property that typical property photography can’t achieve.

Low level aerial-home-photography

Just a few years back the aerial photography was out of reach for almost all real estate agents as it involved renting a helicopter and photographer to grab those elusive shots. However, now high quality aerial photography is available to everyone who wants to offer their clients that extra edge to help selling their home. We are one of the companies who have expertise in aerial photography. Please contact Busy Bees Photography for more information and to book your next real estate photography shoot, including Aerial Photography.