Top 10 Florida Cities to Buy a Home

Top 10 Florida Cities to Buy a Home

Florida is known as Sunshine state and it is perfect to be chosen as the residential destination. It is a retirement destination for many since long. In recent times, it has attracted many youngsters because of the amazing weather throughout the year, growing job opportunities and no state income tax. It offers low cost of living. Florida is booming with many career opportunities in different industries such as tourism, banking, aerospace, defense, construction, healthcare, so on and so forth. There are more than 200 places in Florida that provides best standards of living and it is perfect to buy a home. Based on our rich experience in the real estate industry due to our professional service of expert real estate photography in Florida, we have made a list of top 10 cities in Florida to buy a home.

1. Tampa
Tampa is situated on the west coast. Its residential population is growing day by day due to increasing job opportunities. Also, it offers good education and better healthcare facilities to the people. According to a newspaper, 41,000 new job opportunities were registered in the past year. Also, it has great places to hang around such as theme park, Tampa Riverwalk and 185 parks. It is one of the best places to live in Florida.

2. Orlando
It is well known as the theme park capital of the world. It is located in the central Florida and it has below average housing costs. It annually welcomes 55 million visitors, creating great work opportunities for many locals. The unemployment rate of the city is 4.3%, which is lower than the national average 4.7%. Along with low rate housing properties, you can find growing work opportunities in education, tourism and hospitality industry.

3. Jacksonville
It is the largest city in Florida. It has everything to offer to people living here from amazing downtown to great wildlife; top restaurants to fascinating museums. Its downtown area is urban core. You can find growing work opportunities in education, health, manufacturing and finance sectors.

4. Miami
If your work is related to tourism, then this is the best place to live in Florida. This city is renowned as a party place for travel lovers. There are great work opportunities for locals over here. This city is the house of around 90,000 residents. Also, it has the largest collection of art deco buildings. The picturesque beaches, best restaurants and modern lifestyle make it a perfect place to buy a home.

5. St. Petersburg
It is also known as Sunshine city because you can experience 361 days of Sunshine a year. It is renowned for its festivals, events, applauded museums and theater companies. It offers low cost of living and great quality healthcare facilities. It has a vibrant downtown. The city offers ample career opportunities to artists and art lovers.

6. Gainesville
It is home to the University of Florida and popular as a college town. It is one of the cities in Florida that offers a great standard of living, education and healthcare. The economy of the city is increasing and it has growing opportunities in education, healthcare, tourism and transportation sectors. The city has many parks, museums, walking trails and lakes that attract many homebuyers to buy a perfect house in Florida.

7. Naples
The city is named as the Happiest and Healthiest city in Florida. It is the second highest city in America that has the highest number of millionaires. This is the perfect home for people having big money to invest in residential property. It has the lowest crime rate and it is the home of many enthusiastic business tycoons. You can enjoy a great lifestyle and business opportunities as a resident of this city in Florida.

8. Pensacola
If you are looking for a large city that is less populated, then Pensacola is the perfect place to buy a home for you. The city is situated on the Gulf of Mexico that has beautiful white sand beaches. You will find plenty work and recreation opportunities in this city. The city has more than 40 good schools for quality education. You can make career in construction, hospitality and government sector.

9. Apalachicola
It is a perfect city to buy a home in Florida if you like quiet environment of a small coastal city. The city is heaven for people who love fishing, dolphin or whale watching and soothing massage at local spas. This city offers an old fashioned life and it is perfect if you love peaceful environment or looking home to spend life after retirement.

10. Port St. Lucie
Another city in Florida that is the perfect place to go for a laid-back retirement! The city has a low crime rate and peaceful life style to offer. You can enjoy outdoor trails and leisure time in parks. The low cost of living and friendly community make it a perfect house for laid-back retirement.

Hope this information helps you find the best city to buy a home in Florida. We are a real estate Photography Company in Florida. If you are looking for an experienced real estate photographer, get in touch.