Top 10 Real Estate Photography Stats

Top 10 Stats That Prove Professional Real Estate Photography Accelerate Your Success

Top builders, realtors and designers know the worth of a professional real estate photographer. If you are still unsure about the question whether you should hire a real estate photography expert or not, check these top 10 real estate photography statistics which prove hiring a professional photographer for your real estate project will fuel up your sales and marketing plans.

  1. Real estate agents who use service of professional photographers earn 2 times more than those who don’t. (Source)
  2. Residential properties which are professionally photographed with DSLR cameras are sold at a higher price than those with amateur photographs. (Source)
  3. A home listing with 20 photos took 32 days on average to sell. On the contrary, a home listing with 1 photo took 70 days on average to sell. (Source)
  4. 90% of buyers cited, “The house listing presented with fine pictures fascinated their imagination and contributed in effortless decision making”. (Source)
  5. Home buyers spend 60% of their time in exploring property pictures while viewing an online house listing. (Source)
  6. 83% of home buyers find photographs ‘very useful’ while searching for a home. (Source)
  7. 70% homebuyers find houses online and a captivating agent marketing portfolio with real estate photographs contributes in gaining new customers. (Source)
  8. 95% of homebuyers looked at the 1st photo for 20 seconds on an average. (Source)
  9. Both, quality and quantity of real estate photographs pique interest of homebuyers. You must have minimum 20 or 21 fine photographs of a property. (Source)
  10. Property photographs photographed with DSLR were more likely to sell within six months than the alternative which takes more time to sell. (Source)

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